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          The demand space of intelligent logistics warehousing market is huge

          Release time:2021-06-04 19:17:40  Views: 1088

          Intelligent logistics is the core part of industry 4.0. Within the framework of industrial 4.0 intelligent factory, intelligent logistics is an important link to connect supply and production, and also the cornerstone of building intelligent factory. Intelligent unit logistics technology, automatic logistics equipment and intelligent logistics storage information system are the core elements of intelligent logistics. In the future, the logistics control system of smart factory will be responsible for the connection between production equipment and the processed object, and will play a role of connecting the preceding and the next in the system.

          According to relevant data, the domestic intelligent logistics and storage system mainly focuses on tobacco, medicine and automobile industries with high requirements for automation, and three industries account for about 1/3 of the total demand. The popularization rate of warehouse automation in automobile, medicine and tobacco industry is 38%, 42% and 46%, which is higher than the average level of 20% in China and 80% in developed countries. There is a huge space for factory logistics transformation in the future.

          What are the enterprises that build intelligent storage? Since the beginning of 2016, Guangdong yiku intelligent storage equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has entered the intelligent logistics automation industry. We constantly collect user demands, independently develop software and hardware and optimize the reasonable integration of software and hardware and software. It has finally ushered in the emergence of the 4.0 stand-up intelligent warehouse of EKU for many years. It provides the whole intelligent logistics industry with application and provides the gathering force for the industry. With the continuous improvement of the level of automation information technology in China, the domestic intelligent logistics system industry has also developed rapidly. The intelligent logistics storage market needs a huge space. In the next few years, the scale of intelligent logistics market will increase with a compound annual growth rate of 22%; By 2023, the market capacity of intelligent logistics equipment will exceed trillion yuan.

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