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          Easy library intelligent document cabinet, your file management good helper!

          Release time:2021-06-04 19:16:30  Views: 1156

          The intelligent document cabinet of easy library not only guarantees the standardization and intelligence of archives management, but also provides the improvement and management way for the environment and security of archives. The traditional archives management is developing towards the network management direction, breaking the limitation between the levels and departments, promoting the coordination and communication between the archives managers and functional departments, and making the procedure and operation process of archives management more concise and smooth. For the confidential file data, the authority can be opened by fingerprint authentication, password input, face recognition, etc., and the function of reliability management of file data is realized.

          Design parameters of intelligent document cabinet of easy Library:

          1. The standard size of intelligent document cabinet is: 8.12m, 1.27m in length and 2.50 high in width.

          2. The structure of intelligent document cabinet: bare metal machine + software control system + cabinet body.

          3. support non-standard personalized customization

          Customized: free design drawings

          1. Length customized: intelligent document cabinet can be lengthened or shortened according to requirements

          2. Height Customization: height can also be increased to 4 meters in the original standard size.

          3. Multi row Customization: can be designed as multiple rows of storage cabinet according to requirements.

          Appearance material:

          1. Acrylic transparent board is used to increase the viewing performance at the front of intelligent document cabinet.

          2. Other sides of intelligent document cabinet adopt fireproof rock wool board to increase safety.

          3. Support non-standard customization

          Core features:

          1. multi dimension report system, document query is convenient and clear

          2. face biometric information recognition and login, data and physical security

          3. barcode management, code scanning in and out of warehouse, data security and reliability

          4. it has the function of automatic alarm for borrowing timeout

          5. the small ticket in and out of the warehouse is printed automatically on site, which is convenient for management

          6. voucher cabinet and archives cabinet are flexibly spliced, and the application scenarios are wide

          7. integrated OA office system data import, borrowing application and approval function

          8. robot access, convenient and quick, time saving and labor saving

          9. automatic generation of electronic documents + multi cabinet network management, more clear access accounts for big data processing

          10. seamless docking with erp/mes and other software

          11. mobile app can use mobile phone operation to view, approve and other functions to truly realize mobile office

          12. support the secondary development of customer personalized requirements

          Pain points of traditional document cabinet:

          1. the operation is complicated, the document storage is difficult, and the heavy one is difficult to handle;

          2. difficult content management;

          3. the content is chaotic and it is difficult to classify;

          4. it takes a long time to find documents and has low efficiency;

          5. it is difficult to communicate among personnel and departments because of the inability to cooperate in teams;

          6. the team enthusiasm is not high, and the document updating is difficult;

          7. data security of documents is difficult to guarantee

          8. the traditional cabinet is managed by key, which is easy to lose and has high management cost.

          9. mosquito and mouse ants, damp and dust.

          Application of easy library intelligent document cabinet: it is applicable to places where documents and materials need to be stored and transferred in commercial buildings, group companies, government medical enterprises and other units. Intelligent document cabinet is a new and replacement product for traditional products. Its intelligent, convenient, safe and beautiful and durable will be your assured choice.

          Storage object: confidential documents, tax receipts, approval receipt, official documents, tax filing documents, testing, financial data, confidential drawings, maps, mapping atlas, patent document reports, confidential files, etc.

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