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          E-warehouse intelligent warehouse needs such "old cattle"

          Release time:2021-06-04 18:29:25  Views: 1142

          It is often said that workers are the most beautiful people. In every ordinary post, they work in obscurity.

          When we talk about a successful enterprise, we usually think of salesmen in stiff suits or office girls in beautiful clothes, but the workers behind the scenes are rarely known.



          Everyone is eager to show their style, always want to feel the glory of the limelight, but not everyone can be shining by the gorgeous lights, not all the people who dream of standing on the stage can stand in front.

          Today, Xiao Bian is going to tell you about brother Qiang, a hardworking "old scalper" in our enterprise.



          In our enterprise, there is such an ordinary employee. As a debugging engineer, brother Qiang is simple in dress and taciturn. In such an unknown position, he worked diligently, conscientiously and tirelessly, debugging the stacking robot, and the workshop was the place where he "performed".

          In the workshop, brother Qiang is an ordinary debugging engineer. He can do every debugging work well and master the hardware core. Every time before shipment, we should personally test every item and never let go of every detail.

          Brother Qiang, who is not good at words, has a spirit of hard work in his thin body. He will not boast, because he knows that language is only a leaf, and action is the fruit. Doing is always the loudest language.


          At home, brother Qiang is a father with two lovely children. Because brother Qiang is persistent in his work and pursues perfection. In order to fulfill the promise of customers, he often works overtime without complaint. In this ordinary body, he exudes an extraordinary charm. At the same time, he sacrificed a lot of time with his family.

          Behind every successful enterprise, such "old cattle" are needed to work silently, work down-to-earth, and accumulate strength for the construction of the enterprise with their own efforts. They are the backbone of the enterprise!

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