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          The difference between e-warehouse and ordinary warehouse

          Release time:2021-06-04 18:33:57  Views: 1130

          E-warehouse stereoscopic warehouse is also called automatic stereoscopic warehouse, which is a new concept in logistics warehousing. The use of stereoscopic warehouse equipment can realize the rationalization of high-level warehouse, automatic access and simple operation. Automatic stereoscopic warehouse is a form with high technical level at present. The main body of the automated warehouse is composed of shelves, tunnel type stacking crane, in (out) warehouse workbench and automatic transportation in (out) and operation control system. The rack is a building or structure of steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. The rack is a standard size space. The tunnel stacking crane runs through the tunnel between the shelves to complete the work of storage and retrieval. The management adopts computer and bar code technology.
          Compared with ordinary warehouse, three-dimensional warehouse is generally higher. Its height is generally more than 5 meters, and the highest is 40 meters. The common three-dimensional warehouse is between 7 and 25 meters. The three-dimensional warehouse must be a mechanized warehouse. As the shelf is more than 5 meters long, it is difficult to import and export the goods manually, so it must rely on machinery for operation. The automated warehouse in the three-dimensional warehouse is the form with higher technical level at present. There are multi-layer shelves in the warehouse. Because of the high shelf, it is also called high-rise shelf warehouse.

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