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          Benefits of automated warehouse

          Release time:2021-06-04 18:34:23  Views: 1130

          1、 Improve space utilization and cargo management quality

          Yiku stereo intelligent warehouse uses high-rise shelves to store goods. The storage area can be greatly developed to the high altitude, making full use of the ground and space of the warehouse, saving the storage area and improving the utilization rate of space. It is also convenient to prevent the loss and damage of goods.

          2、 Improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity

          By using automation technology, the operation and processing speed is fast, the labor productivity is improved, and the labor intensity of operators is reduced. It can easily enter the enterprise logistics system and make the enterprise logistics more reasonable. It can better adapt to the needs of goods storage, so as to improve the working environment and ensure safe operation.

          3、 Effectively link up production and inventory, reduce costs and speed up material turnover

          As the middle link of the production process, it has the buffer storage function of raw materials, work in process and finished products. Under the automatic and mechanized equipment processing, the degree of automation is improved, and the inventory cycle of various materials is shortened, thus reducing the total cost. For different modes of transportation, different modes of shipment and different states of materials, changing the mode of transportation, changing the mode of shipment and adopting effective technology will reduce the cost.

          4、 Scientific reserve, improve the level of material adjustment and speed up the turnover of reserve funds

          The automatic warehouse of e-warehouse adopts computer control to store and manage all kinds of information, which can reduce the errors in the process of goods processing, but manual management can not do this. At the same time, with the help of computer management, the automatic warehouse can effectively use the storage capacity of the warehouse, facilitate inventory and inventory, reasonably reduce inventory, speed up the turnover of reserve funds, save working capital, so as to improve the management level of the warehouse. In a word, the emergence of e-warehouse intelligent warehouse makes the traditional warehousing operation become a free choice of location, and realizes the first in first out mechanized and automatic warehousing operation on demand. At the same time of storage, the goods can be sorted and assembled as necessary, and according to the specific needs, the goods in stock can be delivered to the right place in a planned way according to the specified quantity and time requirements, so as to meet the needs of balanced production.

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