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          Intelligent line side Library
          E-warehouse intelligent workshop line side warehouse management system is applied to intelligent workshop line side warehouse, intelligent flow, automatic assembly matching material supply warehouse.
          • Detailed

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          1. Storage center for workshop materials, semi-finished products, finished products and empty body of each station

          2. Data acquisition center for parts materials, semi-finished materials, finished materials and empty body materials of each station

          3. Provide data support for MES and other intelligent workshop management software, including all related materials, in and out time, picking person, warehousing person and big data storage center

          4. Provide interface protocol with MES and other management software for seamless docking

          5. All material transfer, transportation system

          6. Big data statistics extraction center, related report center

          7. Be able to connect with automation equipment (AGV, assembly line, transition terminal, etc.)

          8. Support the secondary development of customer personalized requirements.

          9. Multiple remote factories, multiple departments and multiple warehouses are networked to do unified big data processing

          10. Mobile app can be operated by mobile phone to check, approve and so on

          Medical industry


          Smart factory


          Clothing industry


          Tea warehouse


          The ERP + WMS system of purchasing e-warehouse

          E-warehouse-an intelligent warehouse that all enterprises can afford

          • intellectual property right

            Have software patent copyright

            10 items Product patent

          • Direct return

            Medium sized warehouse with millions of investment

            970 thousand Return profit

          • Indirect return

            Medium sized warehouse with millions of investment

            5 million 500 thousand Benefit return


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