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          What is industry 4.0? Let you understand!

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           1. What is industry 4.0?

          "Internet plus manufacturing" is the 4 industry. "Industry 4.0" is a concept introduced by Germany, which is called "industrial Internet" in the United States and "made in China 2025" in China. These three concepts are consistent in nature and all point to one core, namely intelligent manufacturing.


          2. What are the characteristics of industry 4.0?

          Interconnection, data, integration, innovation and transformation.


          3. What are the technical pillars of industry 4.0?

          The nine technology pillars of industry 4.0 include industrial Internet of things, cloud computing, industrial big data, industrial robot, 3D printing, knowledge work automation, industrial network security, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.


          4. What kind of company is the most promising?

          The first is the transformation of traditional factories into intelligent factories, and the second is the birth of intelligent factories;

          The second category is solution companies, which provide manufacturing companies with top-level design of intelligent factory, transformation path map and integrated implementation of software and hardware.

          The third category is technology suppliers, including industrial Internet of things, industrial network security, industrial big data, cloud computing platform and MES system.

          In addition to these three categories, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, knowledge work automation and other technology suppliers will also face huge development prospects.


          5. Who ultimately won the fourth industrial revolution?

          The fourth industrial revolution, marked by Hanover, Germany in 2013, announced that this round of work revolution was centered on intelligent manufacturing.


          The United States has put forward the industrial Internet standard, hoping to focus on equipment interconnection, data analysis, and business insight based on data. They focus on big data and cloud computing for traditional industrial Internet Interconnection.

          Germany puts forward industry 4.0, which has powerful mechanical manufacturing technology, advanced equipment and ability of embedded and control equipment. Germany is very concerned about the profound changes of intelligent and virtual production process.

          American industrial Internet and German industry 4.0 have the opposite implementation path and logic, but the same goal.

          No matter from soft to hard, or from hard to soft, the goal of the two is the same, that is to realize intelligent manufacturing and the integration of mobile Internet and industry.

          6. Why does China choose German standard?


          First, the Chinese government believes that the German path is easier to achieve than the American path; Second, the industrial hollowing out in the United States is serious.

          As for the strategic choice of the fourth industrial revolution, the Chinese government's strategy is to keep a close eye on the new round of industrial development trend, choose industry 4.0, launch the Chinese version of made in China 2025, look for opportunities to overtake on the curve, and take the lead.


          The Chinese Academy of Engineering defines the core goal of the Chinese version of industry 4.0 as intelligent manufacturing, which is very accurate. From intelligent manufacturing to specific factory, it is intelligent factory. Intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory are the two goals of industry 4.0.


          The road of industrial age 4.0 has just begun, but it gives us a general direction. In the future, enterprises will become data enterprises, innovative enterprises, integrated enterprises and rapidly changing enterprises.

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