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          What are the main features of e-warehouse?

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          What are the main features of e-warehouse?

          1. Saving money every day, all electronic sheet operation, robot picking up goods quickly, saving manpower and time, generating material inventory sheet and financial inventory sheet at any time.

          2. Seamless standardized management, the software system can set the authority of each role and department, completely in accordance with the required management mode, without any management loopholes, all computers run in one network

          It's convenient and fast.

          3. Help you save space, three-dimensional display, efficient use of space.

          4. The software is efficient and practical. It is equipped with robot assistant and has voice and text prompt query function. It can query material inventory, in and out record and storage location at any time. All materials are in and out warehouse and retrieved by Fridy code, material name or internal material number.

          5. It has complete functions, including all daily required materials first in first out, and prompt functions: personal approval task prompt, robot fault prompt, material safety stock prompt, material follow-up prompt, material borrowing and return prompt.

          6. Remote control through Internet, remote computer, mobile phone monitoring office, creating electronic documents, approving and searching materials through authorization.

          7. The installation is simple, simple and fast. Generally, there is no need for civil engineering. There are a variety of packaging options around, which can prevent theft, dust and rats.

          8. Equipped with voice robot, information about materials can be inquired, and the robot can broadcast by voice.

          9. Standardize the management, eliminate the management loopholes, ensure the safety of materials, and prevent the loss of materials

          10. Big data cloud computing, multiple companies, multiple warehouses automatic grid operation, for unified big data processing

          11. Environmental protection. All the documents are electronic. The design is linked from purchase to warehouse to finance, and all the related forms are generated automatically.

          12. Connect with ERP directly to ensure the consistency of materials with ERP, and carry out in full accordance with the management procedures

          13. The software has warehouse age analysis, the robot can accurately find the stored materials, and the warehouse will not appear dull materials

          14. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used as an intelligent cloud storage cabinet to store all kinds of valuables and apply to all walks of life. Applicable to: electronic industry, medicine industry, supermarket, chain industry, plastic hardware, gold jewelry, toys and gifts, luxury brands, hardware accessories, auto parts, daily necessities, B2C platform e-commerce, etc.

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