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5 Worst Colleges In The USA

TGN’s Opinion:

5. Colorado State University

Really bad healthcare, rude students and perceived violent police with short man complex.

4. Colorado University

Expensive, cold, dry, windy and ultra snobby women.

3. University of Texas

Hot, dry, very few pretty women, expensive, violent and dirty.


If you are Caucasian like I am then do not go there. That is all I am saying.

1. University of Georgia – Worst in the country!

The gang stalking capital of the USA. Small town, petty jealously at every turn, extremely unhelpful residents, rude women, unfriendly townies, rampant bullying, entrenched corruption and perceived police misconduct on an epic scale. There is an almost a complete lack of social skills among female UGA students.  UGA is an ultra feminist college where many women get a doggy instead of look for a man.

Do not go to UGA if you are a creative and fun loving person. Do not send your kids to UGA if you value their creativity, sincerity, passion and free spirits. Socially UGA is rotten to the core. Many female UGA students are perceived as being pathological liars to the extreme. Not the type of people I recommend hiring or being around these days.

If you are singled out by the town to be gang stalked then most female UGA students will participate with glee.  Ugly women will try and peep in your bedroom window even when the shades are down.  Be prepared to have female UGA students shoulder check you, then call the police and say you assaulted them. That is one sick game they play. Men should be prepared to be assaulted by gay male students downtown when they go to festivals especially if they are heterosexual. Also, be careful when police request you walk if front of them if you are a male and ask for their help.

Some students and townies share all medical information in this town real or not. Totally against the law, but, they do it anyway. Many students like to bully people, they try to isolate their targets socially and then call their targets depressed. The age gap is also severe. Mostly people are under 25 or over 60. UGA is literally in the middle of nowhere. The  look on many female UGA students faces when they see a man is similar to the look people would get in Compton, California before the Rodney King riots. Men get railroaded when they try to defend themselves. Socially UGA probably the unhealthiest college in the USA on average.


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