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Have Modern Day Women Lost Their Minds?

These females assert that they are head of the household and family. Their mantra is: WOMEN RULE! They have declared themselves to be the leader and ruler of both children and men. Believe me when I tell you, no man is going to convince them of any otherwise. They don’t dare listen to men! However, using feminine wiles, seduction and masterful manipulation techniques, this squadron of pistol tongued childbearing femme fatales have become experts at seducing men.

Those unfortunate enough to fall into the clutches of their razor sharp fingernails, will see their male ego pulverized, their spirits vexed and their manhood emasculated. You would think a man would catch on and see this train wreck coming, BUT NO! When they are on the prowl, these females are as sweet as honey. They become the epitome of congeniality, BUT ALAS! The trap is set. The prey has been tempted and snared. The mighty has fallen again! You know the question and the answer is, “Yes!” These females have lost their minds!


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